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Meeting point and resource for clinical research

Gothia Forum is a unit within the Västra Götaland region, and works as a meeting point and voluntary resource for everyone working with clinical research in the region. Gothia Forum offers services throughout the entire research process such as project management, feasibility, biobanking, legal advice and quality support. 

Individual researchers and research groups as well as small and large companies in the Life Science sector are welcome to get in contact with us.

Facilitates collaboration between industry, academia and healthcare

We want to strengthen and improve the collaboration between healthcare, academia and industry to strengthen clinical research in the Västra Götaland region. 

Point of contact

Apart from our own resources, Gothia Forum has a wide network, and works as a point of contact for those looking for research resources or specialist competencies in the Västra Götaland region. We can help with contacts, information and advice.  


World class clinical research

Gothia Forum's aim is to make Västra Götaland the most attractive region for high quality clinical research in Europe.